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Earn money by partnering with your favourite brands.

Struggling to Make Money Doing What You Love?

Creating amazing content is your passion, but making money from it seems impossible. The constant need to grow your audience, post regularly, and fight algorithms can take the joy out of your work. You just want to focus on your creativity without the stress of managing social media.

Imagine dedicating all your time to creating without worrying about posting schedules or follower counts. With Yoogic, you can channel your creativity into projects that matter and get paid for it, without the hassle of maintaining a social media presence.

Yoogic helps you connect with clients, leading to more job opportunities and steady income. Join Yoogic today and start making a living by doing what you love!

It's hard to find UGC jobs in Australia, but Yoogic has changed the game for me. It's the biggest UGC agency in the country, and thanks to them, I now have a steady stream of projects. The platform has connected me with numerous brands, making it so much easier to find work.

John W.Lifestyle Creator (Sydney, NSW)

Most agencies care about the number of followers and influence, but this is not the case with Yoogic. They focus on the quality of content and creativity. As a beauty content creator with a modest following, I’ve found incredible opportunities that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere.

Emma J.Beauty Content Creator (Melbourne, VIC)

I've always wanted to work with my favourite brands, and Yoogic made that possible. Not only have I collaborated with top fitness brands, but Yoogic also helps me make money on the side. It's the perfect platform for creators who want to turn their passion into profit.

Liam S.Fitness Coach (Byron Bay, NSW)

With Yoogic, I don't need to search everywhere for new jobs. The platform sends me relevant opportunities directly, saving me so much time and effort. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to focus on creating content without the hassle of constantly hunting for gigs.

Hugo da S.Travel & Adventure Creator (Gold Coast, QLD)

Is Content your lifestyle?

Are you a brand looking for UGC creators?

Post jobs and receive proposals and ideas from UGC creators all over Australia. Yoogic connects you with talented creators, streamlining the process and bringing fresh content to your brand quickly and efficiently.

Founded by experienced Creative Directors

Meeting high standards with less hassle is what Yoogic is all about. Founded by people with extensive experience in the creators and creative industry, Yoogic leverages this expertise to streamline the content creation process, saving you valuable time and effort.

It’s simple and free to get started.

Join Yoogic to start receiving job opportunities via email, and explore briefs.
Liked a job? Express interest by sending tailored proposals with work samples to attract clients.
Communicate with Yoogic Creative Directors, receive feedback, and deliver polished content. Get paid efficiently through the platform.
Define your project, set a budget, and receive pitches from top creators. Your brief is optimised before going live for quality submissions.
Review proposals, shortlist favourites, ask questions, and choose the best fit. Start your project right away.
Communicate seamlessly, provide feedback, and approve edits. Access final assets easily on the platform.

Find UGC Gigs

Find UGC Gigs

Find UGC Gigs

Find UGC Gigs

Find UGC Gigs

Make Money with Content

Make Money with Content

Make Money with Content

Make Money with Content

Make Money with Content

Frequently asked questions

How do brands post a brief?

Brands can post a brief by signing up, filling out our online brief form, and specifying their project requirements.

Is there any cost for creators?

Absolutely not. Creators can join Yoogic for free. Brands pay a fee based on the scope and complexity of their projects.

How does Yoogic ensure the quality of creators?

We vet our creators through a rigorous selection process and continuously monitor their performance through client reviews and project outcomes. Plus, at Yoogic we have in-house creative directors that deal directly with creators to ensure all of our client’s requirements and brand standards are met.

Can I choose the brands I want to work with as a creator?

Yes, creators will receive briefs via email and can select the ones that match their interests and expertise, ensuring a good fit for both parties.

How do creators payments work?

Australian creators are required to have a valid ABN number. Payments are processed through our platform, ensuring secure and timely transactions for both creators and brands.

What types of projects and creators are available on Yoogic?

Yoogic offers a wide range of social media niches creators varying from lifestyle, beauty, sports, parenting, art, etc.