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Scale your collaboration with real creators.

Capture your audience’s attention through people like you and me. Yoogic UGC creators are the shortcut to their heart.

Your brand's social media needs a shot of adrenaline to keep up with today’s fast-paced digital world. Traditional methods are sluggish, costly, and often miss the mark with audiences who crave authenticity.

This lag in content production means lost followers, missed trends, and a fading online presence. Your brand deserves to be the talk of the timeline, not stuck in the shadows of outdated practices.

Yoogic’s on-demand network of UGC creators brings your brand the creativity and authenticity it needs to stand out. With a seamless platform that ensures quick turnarounds and cost efficiency, we help your brand go from meh to viral, faster than you can say "like and subscribe."

Yoogic is our secret sauce for killer content. Fast, creative, and always on point. Our social media engagement has seen a significant boost since we started using Yoogic, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Mia T.Marketing Manager (Brisbane, QLD)

I honestly cannot live without Yoogic anymore. Our engagement was stagnant, and we had trouble finding the right creative talent. Our engagement has skyrocketed thanks to Yoogic’s awesome creators. The diversity of talent available is incredible, we always find the perfect match for our projects.

Adriano B.CEO and Founder (Sydney, NSW)

Having in-house creative directors at Yoogic to manage and guide the creators has been a game-changer. Differently from other similar platforms, they ensure the content aligns perfectly with our brand standards, saving us time and hassle.

James A.Brand Manager (Sydney, NSW)

In our case, the founder of our company didn’t want to be the face of the brand, and we needed a quick solution. Yoogic provided exactly what we needed to find a variety of creators and not only have one face, but multiple. The strategy worked so well! We cannot recommend Yoogic enough!

Olivia K.Product Manager (Melbourne, VIC)

Content is our lifestyle

Are you a UGC creator?

Looking for UGC jobs? Get the latest project briefs and job offers sent straight to your inbox. Yoogic keeps you in the loop, so you can jump on new gigs faster than a trending hashtag.

Founded by experienced Creative Directors

Meeting high standards with less hassle is what Yoogic is all about. Founded by people with extensive experience in the creators and creative industry, Yoogic leverages this expertise to streamline the content creation process, saving you valuable time and effort.

It’s simple and free to get started.

Define your project, set a budget, and receive pitches from top creators. Your brief is optimised before going live for quality submissions.
Review proposals, shortlist favourites, ask questions, and choose the best fit. Start your project right away.
Communicate seamlessly, provide feedback, and approve edits. Access final assets easily on the platform.
Join Yoogic to start receiving job opportunities via email, and explore briefs.
Liked a job? Express interest by sending tailored proposals with work samples to attract clients.
Communicate with Yoogic Creative Directors, receive feedback, and deliver polished content. Get paid efficiently through the platform.

Find Creators

Find Creators

Find Creators

Find Creators

Find Creators

Start your Collab

Start your Collab

Start your Collab

Start your Collab

Start your Collab

Frequently asked questions

How do brands post a brief?

Brands can post a brief by signing up, filling out our online brief form, and specifying their project requirements.

Is there any cost for creators?

Absolutely not. Creators can join Yoogic for free. Brands pay a fee based on the scope and complexity of their projects.

How does Yoogic ensure the quality of creators?

We vet our creators through a rigorous selection process and continuously monitor their performance through client reviews and project outcomes. Plus, at Yoogic we have in-house creative directors that deal directly with creators to ensure all of our client’s requirements and brand standards are met.

Can I choose the brands I want to work with as a creator?

Yes, creators will receive briefs via email and can select the ones that match their interests and expertise, ensuring a good fit for both parties.

How do creators payments work?

Australian creators are required to have a valid ABN number. Payments are processed through our platform, ensuring secure and timely transactions for both creators and brands.

What types of projects and creators are available on Yoogic?

Yoogic offers a wide range of social media niches creators varying from lifestyle, beauty, sports, parenting, art, etc.